Gitane Rhapsody or luxury bohemian atmosphere that emerges. She takes us on a journey where all dreams are allowed.

Inspired by Andalusia seventeenth century, this colorful community if such a concerto Gershwin, folk, flamenco, romanticism, out of a novel by Victor Hugo where hope, the desire for life, light, sun, in which all states are allowed us, as a Mercury for his Queen, excitement, passion, euphoria until losing the control.

This addiction to prohibited because of Gitane Rhapsody is not just a collection but a "bohemian Tehory".

The inspiration we provide Gitane Rhapsody leads us to make unique pieces like the memories we bring in engraved stays.
Conceived to satisfy the most beautiful creatures that are Women.

held in hand or on the shoulder, whether empty or full, each piece is created to finish signing the personality of each.
Composed of the most noble materials and hand-crafted in the tradition of great maroquinniées details make each one carefully made gesture

And there emerges the impression of being able to touch the fingertips atmosphere "bohemian rock".

Jonathan Sayada, creator of Gitane Rhapsody is a lover of precious materials. Bathed in leather from a young age, he always loved to watch his father, himself a leather goods craftsman, handle the noble materials with a famous fingered which he alone has the secret.

Graduated from a business school, he decided to turn to embark on the adventure.
It starts with imagining the look he wanted to give its brand.
How to meet women today and offer them their dream to wear hand without falling into banal?
That's when the 70's style melé a passion to rock n roll became obvious to him.

He had found the perfect look that would go to women today. Active but still feminine with a retro edge. mind "Bohemian Rock" luxury is born.
And there one thing leading to another, all he had always imagined was being set up under his eyes, until now marketing its own brand.